merchandising <------係一個進行方式

其實我想問merchandiser 係買貨 前 後 中間 要做d咩?

如果以garment 公司做例子, 咁個過程應該係點呢?

過程由sourcing開始 到 manufacturing 做左d咩?


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  • 1 十年前

    Role of a garment merchandiser

    1. materials sourcing including fabrics and trims

    2. sourcing for garment vendors and manufacturers

    3. costing for point-1 . & 2.

    4. sense of production lead time and merchandising calendar of each season

    5. co-work with fashion designers, product managers and garment buyers

    6. produce garment proto samples from product concepts of designers for product reviews and validations

    7. produce salesman sample for pre-sales and pre-production prior to bulk production for quality assurance

    8. ensure the quality of all samples and bulk are consistent as per buyer's requirements

    9. ensure product quality performance up to standard, including product safety as free from harmful chemicals

    10. ensure bulk delivery on time as apparel is a time sensitive product

    11. co-work with shipping staff for cargo delivery

    The above from point-1 to 11, the work flow is evolving from R&D stage to bulk delivery must be under a good planning and control process with information management