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我想讀心理學,pls help me(10分)



其實我的數學,phy chem bio都算可以,卻又不知是否足夠去考取學位.







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    In Hong Kong, there are no psychology doctor, we only have psychologist (or clinical psychologist(CP), to be specific) and psychiatrist, and the job u want is clinical psychologist. CP are not able to give medication to patients while psychiatrist can do tht. Of course, the case is different in overseas, and I am not sure u are asking for which place, so giv u the overview of this industry in HK 1st.

    1. For psychology, UCLA is a very great school, they have over 3000 psychology graduates every yr and the school is good at researching in this area. And in fact for psychology programme, things to be learnt are generally the same in every university, so it's better for you to choose a famous one.

    2. In HK, to be a clinical psychologist, u 1st need a psychology degree, and then study an master degree of clinical psychologist. After that, you need to have a year of practice and theoriotically you can be qualified as a clinical psychologist afterwards. However, if you are graduated from overseas and want to study psychology master in HK, u need to sit for an extra exam.

    The starting salary is not tht high as ppl expected, is about $2XXXX if you enter the public sector to be a psychologist. But of course you salary will be much better with the increase of experience. However, being a psychologist, esp. the clinical one, you should not have an objective for juz studying the human mind and working for monetary return. It is very important for you to have an caring attitude to patients and their family members. And in fact the job is quite different from nomal ppl's perception, it is not juz sitting in front of the patients and have a causal chat with them. There are a lot to deal with, such as diagnosis the disorder and giving several therapies. You will know more about this when you study psychopathology in university.

    3. This studying path is long and hard, and money is an important consideration. Of course you can do part-time to ease your family burden, but it is dificult for u to do part-time when you are in your master degree as you will be very busy at that time. You will need to study, doing placement and carrying research project at the same time.

    4. Your should be able to read most of the books of psychology at your level. Your can try Psychological Science (which is a common book to be use for introductory) and other books with the title like Introduction to Psychology. They can give a general view of psychology to you, but it should be different from what you expected. As there are a lot of other components in psychology, except the clinical area. It is needed to know about human brain, development, learning process...and even statistics. The Analysis of Dream by freud is also interesting, but it is not tht pratical.

    5 Answer in Q5~

    No matter what you are studying in ur secondary level, you can study psychology in university. But of coz knowledge in biology and statistics can giv u some help. Hope that you will have the patience and strength to be a psychologist finally!!

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    for Q5 , pls refer to answer for Q2, and i have juz discovered some typing and grammatical mistakes, hope tht you wont mind~

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    tht's ok~u want to know ab' what??

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