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[急] 請問有冇以下三首詩...?

1.The Housemaid's Letter by Clare Bevan

(The Works 3 - Chosen by Paul Cookson, page 234-235 (ISBN 0-330-41578-6) - Macmillan)

(First Line: Dear Mum,)

2.Sally by Phoebe Hesketh

(Read Me 1 - Chosen by Gaby Morgan, page 329-330 (ISBN 0-330-37353-6) - Macmillan)

(First Line: She was a dog-rose kind of girl:)

3.Just One Wish by Janis Priestley

(The Works 2 - Chosen by Brian Moses and Pie Corbett, page 274-275 (ISBN 0-330-39902-0) - Macmillan)

(First Line: If I had only one wish)

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  • 1 十年前


    She was a dog-rose kind of girl:

    elusice,scattery as petals:

    scratchy sometimes.tripping you like briars.

    She teased theboys

    turning this way and that, not yo be tamed

    or thaught any more than the wind.

    Even in school the word "ought"

    had no meaning to sally.

    On dull days she'd sit quiet as a mole at her desk

    delving in thought.

    But whenthe sun called she was gone,running the blue day down

    till the warm hedgerows prickled the dusk

    and moths flickered out.

    Her mother scolded; dad

    gave her the hazel-switch,

    said her head was sniffed with feathers

    and a starling tonque.

    But they couldnt take the shine out of her.

    even when it rained you felt the sun saved under her skin.

    She'd a way of escape laughing at you from the bright end of a tunnel,

    leaving you in the dark.

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    are u trying to take part in the coming speech festival?

    non-open, F2 girls!!

    I've chosen the first one!!

    The Housemaid's Letter by Clare Bevan

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    Wow I'm finding it too !!!!

    Are you a Sacred Heartist ??