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    Since the eighties, moved towards integrating gradually in the whole world. Even to this day, it has already been the trend of the times that the whole world integrated, a whiff of trends difficult to reverse. A piece of development of information subject is at a tremendous pace now, transporting and improvement day by day of network efficiency of logistics, further distance of region, make to have closer relations becoming regional people, connection that also makes between every economic system and combining and is closer. The whole world integrates the exchanges of oneself of facilitating the people from all parts of the world, having promoted the currency too, the freedom of trade and service circulates. Meanwhile, an organic whole of the whole world has turned every world economic system and created the limitless opportunity, have brought too manily and challenged.

    The rapid development of the telecommunication and information science and technology makes the region boundary line fuzzy, have dispelled much trade obstacle. Make the global volume of trade rise by a wide margin. The whole world integrates and enables us to open up the markets from all parts of the world more freely, bring the business opportunity of the limit to us.

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    Since the 80's, the world has gradually becoming a unified system. Until now, this unification is inevitable and can never be stopped. Today, recent information technology has developed more rapidly than we did in the past few thousand years. Also, the increased efficiency of the trading and transportation system has brought different regions of the world much closer than ever which provides the major ingredients for the economic growth. The unification offers a convenient and a free path for every individual to travel from place to place without any delay and also speeds up the process of trading, currency and service exchange. At the same time, it presents unlimited opportunities for every single economy and yet, countless challenges.

    The rapid development of communication and information technology withdraws the boundaries between people and overcome many obstacles within the trading industry which has increased exponentially. The unification promises us the freedom of expanding any business in everywhere.

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    Since 80s, the world has developped toward globalization. For now, globalization has become the trend, it is impossible to reverse. Nowadays, technology development is very advance, transportation and logistics network have high standard, which reduce the distant between districts, making the relationship between people around the world closer, and also make a closer relationship between individual econonic systems. Globalization make people travel by themselves more conveniently, and also improve the circulation of currenies, trading, and services. At the same time, globalization creates countless opportunities for each economical system in the world, and also brings many challenges.

    Communication technology rapidly developped making the boundary unclear, and eliminate many obstacles. This makes the GNP of every counties increase significant, and create many more business opportunies for us.

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