Marketing Management Philosophies

-Production Concept

-Product Concept

-Selling Concept

-Marketing Concept

-Societal Market Concept

Could you please explain the five concepts in detail and give some example of those company carrying the concept indivdually?

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  • 1 十年前

    Many text books of marketing management state these concepts, for instance

    P. Kolter

    Production concept: it would refer to Fordalism and Scientific Management in early of last century that emphasizes high productivity while neglecting other requirements when demand of product is extremely high; however production concept would be suitable for converting raw materials to basic components for storage and ready for further process.

    Product concept: it would refer to product quality for which producers may devote much energy and cost for their ideal, however a durable good at high cost with not fashionable that may lead to the close of Leung So Lee umbella factory in HK

    Selling concept: it would refer hard selling for a product that may not be required by customers. Extra protection of insurance policy, extra quantity of slow moving goods and etc.

    Marketing concept: it may refer to produce what a customer needs under pull system by market demand, no over quantity is produced thus no waste on any resources. Consumer's electronics, handset and the like those quick obsolete shall not be over produced.

    Societal market concept: it is similar to marketing concept but also emphasizes the benefits of society, community and human living, and all stake holders could be better off. The development & establishment of Ocean Park HK

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