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Use of Common Gases.....(40點)

Use of Common Gases



Carbon Dioxide:__________________



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  • Thomas
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    1 十年前


    Breathing (oxygen is used in hospitals to help patients with breathing difficults. Mountaineers, drivers, astronauts and fire-fighters carry an oxygen cylinder with them)

    In Rockets and Space Shuttles (Liquid oxygen is carried on rockets and space shuttles to support the combustion of fuel)

    In Industry (Oxygen is used in cutting and welding metals. This is because a mixture of oxygen and ethyne burns strongly. The so-called oxy-acetylene flame can cut metals or weld them together)


    To Provide an Inert Atmosphere (Nitrogen is used in food packaging to prevent unwanted reactions caused by air)

    As a Refrigerant (Liquid nitrogen is used for storing things at a very low temperature)

    In Making Ammonia (Nitrogen is needed for making ammonia in industry. Some of the ammonia is then used to make fertilizers)

    Carbon dioxide

    As a Refrigerant (When carbon dioxide is cooled sufficiently, it turns directly into a white solid called 'dry ice'. It is much colder than ice. It is used as a refrigerant for ice cream and meat etc.)

    In Soft Drinks (Many soft drinks are made by dissolving carbon dioxide under pressure in water)

    In Fire Extinguishers (Carbon dioxide is a dense and non-flammable gas. It is used in fire extinguishers to put out fire)