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笑中有意義,故事反映很多人生哲理, 想帶出好多的訊息1.環保 2.政治 3.家庭 4.愛 5.信任 6.神, 整體發放"愛" 的訊息! 由一家人一起團結做方舟, 充份發揮體諒及合作的精神!世上無難事, 只怕有心人! 令你知道默默耕耘最終會得到認同,我好鐘意其中個句:你向上帝求勇氣,上帝未必賜予你有勇氣,但會給你有學習勇氣的機會...無論是否教徒,都會被戲中的「神」一番話感動, 將個主題好深刻咁帶左出我認為好戲是你看完這出戲後,你會回味或反思戲中內容及主題,這套戲做到這一點。因為他以一些輕鬆的形式去讓你明白一些有意義或人很容易遺忘的東西, 讓你反思我和家人的關係如何,人生是否有使命感?所以這套戲絻對值得一看。令人驚喜,睇笑片竟然會感動, 總括黎講,套戲好睇...值得睇希望有更多這類電影。

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    Smiles meaningful, the story reflection very many life philosophy, want to carry over many news 1. environmental protection 2. politics 3. families 4. to like 5. trusting 6. gods, the whole provide " Loves " News! Unites together by the whole family makes the square boat, the sufficient share display forgives the spirit which and cooperates! In the world does not have the difficult matter, fears the person with high aspirations only! Makes you to know that will do farm work to obtain the approval finally silently, my good clock Italy sentence: You ask the courage to God, God to grant you to have the courage not necessarily, but will have the study courage opportunity to you. Regardless of whether the believer, can “the god” a few words be affected by the play, the subject good profound belt will be left I to think that the good play is you looked after this play, you meet in the aftertaste or the reconsidering play the content and the subject, this set of plays achieve this point. Because he lets you by some relaxed forms understand that some meaningful or the human is very easy the thing which forgets, how lets you reconsider I and family member's relations, whether the life does have the sense of mission? As soon as therefore this set of plays are worth looking. Pleasantly surprised, will look at the comedy unexpectedly to be moved, sums up Lebanon saying that wraps the play to look well…Is worth looking at the hope to have more this kind of movies.