how to be a permanent resident of Canada?

i'm thinking to get move to Canada,i met some backpackers there,and i knew that we can apply as a skilled worker, as long as i have at lease 1 year work experience,and around $4000CAD...etc...thats it?? is that easy? what else should i prepare for that ?thx everyone!!

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    To be honest I don't think it would be that easy.

    To apply as the skilled worker you have to get enough points from their grading system before your application would be considered. There are 6 factors that would be considered :

    - Education (Max 25 points)

    - Ability in English and/or French (Max 24 points) [* will need results from some internationally-recgonized language test to proof your ability]

    - Experience (Max 21 points)

    - Age (Max 10 points)

    - Arranged employment in Canada (Max 10 points)

    - Adaptability (Max 10 points)

    The current passing point is 67points. If you want you can take the self-assessment and see if you are eligible.

    Also, you will need more that CAD4000 to succeed - unless you have arranged employment. The actual amount would depends on the number of people you are bringing along with you. The minimum amount would be CAD10168 for 1 person.

    After you confirmed that you are eligible then you may download the application kit to check out the details of application.

    Good luck!

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    All your ans in this link

    By the way, I'm Canadian too, but their tax is over 30% , if I have the kind of salary , I rather stay in HK.

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