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    Joy Luck Club by Amy Tam

    After I read the story, I really feel the difficulties of the writer to fit herself in the American culture as an AMerican Born Chinese. I can understand why she finds it so difficult to speak to her mother because her mother is too old thinking. Her mother is very hard to speak to the writer too because she think that her daughter is too wild. But I am happy to see that the mother and the daughters can solve all problems because they love among the others.

    Princess Diaries

    This is a very funny story. Mia is able to give the readers alot of fun and happinesess as she makes many mistakes. Because of her speical status (princess), she changes from a plain Amerian school girl who is not known by her classmates to a famous person. I also feel sorry for her as her friends try to trick her and sell her pictures to the news and magazine. But Mia is brave enough to stand up for duty and help the country and her grandmother and finish her duty in the party in the end.

    The Twins by Johnny Williams

    This story's mainly talks about the twin sister who are very envious of each other. It's not easy for the elder sister to fit in the family because the younger sister is much prettier and smarter than her. All the people's focus is in the younger one. But the younger sister is good enough to help her sister out as her sister lose her memory. She is the only person to help her sister to recover from the car accident. From this story, I can understand that the love in the family can fight all the problems and make us strong.

    The Gang by Tom Hoffman

    This story is about a 12 year old boy naughty Jimmy who always run away from school in England. He always like to fight with the people in the streets and school His mind changes one day when he sees a child like his age being killed by the gang in the park during the late evening as the child could not please the big brother of the gang. He feels so scared that he will be the one to be killed next time. He then asks for help in the police and leave the gang and becomes a good student in his school and finnall get a prize from his school headmistress.

    Anne of Green Gables

    Anne of Green Gables is a book written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery; it was first published in 1908. It was written as fiction for readers of all ages, but in recent decades has been considered a children's book. Montgomery found her inspiration for the book in a newspaper article describing a couple that was mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of a boy, yet decided to keep her. Montgomery also drew upon her own childhood experiences in rural Prince Edward Island. Montgomery used a photograph of Evelyn Nesbit, clipped from an American magazine and pasted on the wall above her writing desk, as the model for Anne Shirley, the book's

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