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High School Musical2-Gabriella and Troy

Troy is it really like Gabriella in High School Musical 2?

Because in ''Gotta go my way" this song,Troy touch Gabriella's "up body"!

and he kiss her at last!!

Tell me plz!


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  • 1 十年前

    If you watch the movie, you can see that Troy and Gabriella want to kiss each other 2~3 times. But with some reasons so they can't kiss. At the end of the movie, they finally kiss each other(I've watched this movie in Canada). The movie doesn't tell us that Troy and Gabriella are in love. But it is quite obvious to know that they love each other.

    extra: In the real world, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens(the two who play Troy and Gabriella) are dating now!!! (rumors?)

    2007-08-27 06:01:03 補充:

    you say Troy touch Gabriella, I think that's the action that the director tell him to do for the movie.

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    Troy is it really like Gabriella in High School Musical 2

    I think they are in movie love and not in the movie they will love too .

    Troy kiss many people u can go to youtube and seach (Zac) and u will see 1 the name is THE KISSES ZAC u can watch this .

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    I think Troy Loves Gabriella!!!!!!11