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梵谷在法國南部阿爾的生活並不如意,跟好 友鬧翻以及內心種種的孤寂,不但使他的瘋病再次發作,更使他過世前的作品都充塞了濃鬱、暗淡的氣氛。在作品中所充斥的線條狀的筆觸,更表達了畫家不安、絕望的情緒。



轉做英文 please!!

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  • 1 十年前

    The buddhist valley early time work and the Dutch drawing style was same at that time, the color was deep. The work theme selects material much during the life, the affiliation dreary tone, the sluggish writing technique, are expressing the crowd poverty-stricken life to for is vivid. Is describing the character aspect, the line is profound, the command can touch the view mood. Has gone to Paris from the buddhist valley after 1886, his drawing style henceforth has the very big transformation. He comes under New impression and the Japanese ukiyoe influence, first uses the spot to trace the drawing technique, afterwards diverted the line which intense and bright li the tone, beat, raised gets upthe color block displayed its subjective feeling and the excited mood. The buddhist valley Ahl's life is certainly unpleasant south France, has a falling out as well as innermost feelings all sorts of aloneness with the good friend, not only causes his insanity to manifest suddenly once more, caused him to pass away the front work all to stuff richly, the gloomy atmosphere. Line shape brushwork floods which in the work, expressed the mood which the painter is restless, is cruel enough to looks. In buddhist Gu Chiehyu the unique picture wind realizes his idea "to be picturesque the life note".


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  • 1 十年前

    梵谷是一個人, not a buddhist valley

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  • 1 十年前

    Hugo's earlier......

    Forget it! it is too expensive & too long for 5....

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