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Lau 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前


鮑氏父子 【列子.說符】

齊田氏祖於庭, 食客千人, 中坐有獻魚雁者, 田氏視之, 乃嘆曰:「 天之於民厚矣! 殖五谷, 生魚鳥以為之用。」 眾客和之如響。 鮑氏之子年十二, 預於次, 進曰:「不如君言, 天地萬物與我並生, 類也。 類無貴賤,徒以小大智力而相制, 迭相食, 非相為而生之。 人取可食者而食之, 豈天本為人生之? 且蚊蚋噆膚,虎狼食肉, 非天本為蚊蚋生人虎狼生肉者哉!」


由【文言文】 翻譯為 【白話文】!!!!!!!!

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  • kelman
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Qi T'ienshih the ancestor to the courtyard, the restaurant patron thousand people, center the seat has offers the fish wild goose, Tian regards it, is sighs said: "Yu of Minhou the day! Breeds the grain, the live fish bird thought it uses." Numerous guests and like sound. 12th Bao sub- year, to, enters in advance said that, "Was inferior to Mr. says, world myriad things and my parallel intergrowth, kind. The kind does not have in any case, the person but makes by the small big intelligence, 迭 eats, non- for lives it. The person takes may eating but eat it, how can it be that day this for life it? Also the mosquito 蚋 噆 skin, the oppressor eats the meat, the non- day originally is the mosquito 蚋 fresh person oppressor raw meat ah!"

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