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有沒有人比狗狗吃honest kitchen 狗糧?


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    I just brought it from www.petdoghk.com yesterday, and gave to my dog tonight, I think he loves this new food (I brought Thrive, my dog is 9 yrs old). I've saw this brand from Next magazine and the test show dogs love this dog food, so I brought to my dog to try it. Because my dog doesn't like to have dogfood, he only like the Japanese god snack, not sure do you have the same problem.

    The ppl in petdoghk told me need to add some water to honest kitchen raw diet, yes, raw and dehydrated. And your dog need to eat right away, if after 15 mins need to throw away, you must treat this raw diet as fresh food.

    You can see this site www.dogpethk.com, price shown there.

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    sorry, typing mistake, the website is www.petdoghk.com

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    Go this com :www.aapet.com/index.phh