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i want to know all the information about the Sweetbox no. Is she famous and where is she famous

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    Sweetbox, now known as Jade, is a pop band that was formed in 1995 by producer GEO and since 2000, has been fronted by vocalist, Jade Villalon. Although generally belonging to the pop genre, Sweetbox incorporates many other sounds in its music, such as classical, rock, dance, rap, soul, acoustic, and country. Jade's lyrics are entirely in English, although, Sweetbox is most famous in many Asian counties. To date, Sweetbox have sold over 3 million albums and 2 million singles worldwide.

    [edit] 2005, 2006: Very Successful Years For Sweetbox

    At the beginning of 2005, Sweetbox released their first greatest hits album, known as Greatest Hits in Japan, and The Best of Sweetbox 1995-2005 in Europe, Taiwan, and Korea. It contained a new version of Sweetbox's first hit, "Everything's Gonna Be Alright", re-titled as "Everything's Gonna Be Alright -reborn-", and sung by Villalon, with all new lyrics, vocal style, and a guest singer.

    Later in 2005, the music magazine FONO awarded Sweetbox the "No. 1 Cross-Border Artist” title, and two Sweetbox songs, “Addicted” and “Hate Without Frontiers” (turned to "World Without Frontiers”), were featured in a Japanese commercial for the Subaru Legacy. A new album, Raw Treasures Volume 1, featuring demo versions of Sweetbox songs, and unreleased songs the band had recorded, was released in late 2005.

    Sweetbox's next full length studio album, Addicted was released at the very beginning of 2006, bringing back a strong, up-beat dance style in many songs, and famous classical pieces to base them upon. This albulm is Sweetbox's best-selling so far, reaching many status positions, and giving Jade Villalon many new TV spot-lights, performing the single "Addicted". A music video was also made for this song.

    August 2006 saw the released of Sweetbox's first ever live album containing the DVD and CD of a major Sweetbox tour performance of 2006. Also a remix album, featuring many songs from before Villalon became lead vocalist for the group, was released shortly after.

    [edit] Out Of The Box

    As of 2007, the new Sweetbox album, "Out Of The Box", is underway and Jade and Geo have begun writing and producing in the studio again. Now, though, Jade is experimenting with a different direction in her singing career, thus Jade and Geo decided to now release albums under the name "Jade" instead of "Sweetbox". Jade has mentioned that the songs she has written so far for this album have an up-beat dance sound, but that she has not finished writing the album, so there may be more sounds incorporated.

    Recently, Jade has released a duet with Korean singer, Baek Ji Young called "Crush" which was released in Korea and also has its own music video. The song will be featuring on the up-coming album.

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