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我現在做緊management Report,題目是giordano,請問有冇人知Giordano 的marketing mix係咩啊. 我搵極都搵唔到啊

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    from casual wear to business suites, from average basics to fashionable design

    also specialized product lines for Ladies as well as for Kids


    from low priced T-shirts for average consumers (as well as visitors' purchase)

    to fairly priced business attire


    retail shops established in most/major shopping malls as well as around the streets at prime districts/areas

    seldom will you find them out of stocks (unless in promotional sales)

    product seasonal change at least 2 months ahead of the coming season (industry practice aligned)


    seasonal promotion is the usual normal marketing campaign

    bulk/volume purchase is another way to promote sales volume

    Apart from the traditional 4Ps, Giordano has also focused on the newly emerged 3Ps.

    Giordano has been leading the industry of retail chain stores in these 3Ps.


    Best of its kind in the service industry where sales representatives are cheerful, joyful, helpful, etc... which promotes customers loyalty and return to purchase again.


    Customers always enjoy the Pre-sales, Buying and After-sales consumption processes at Giordano. Open entrance/exit design allows great freedom for prospect customers without any scare.

    Giordano is particular effective at the After-sales stage. In the 80s when few companies offered refunds, Giordano launched a unique 7-day refund for customers who felt dissatisified with the products they bought.

    Physical Evidence

    Presentation of services is great. Product packaging including shopping bag is not old-fashioned. Staff are young. Staff uniform is sharp. Services is warm and welcoming.

    Hope this helps......

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