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形同虛設, 如入無人之境...英文是????

形同虛設, 如入無人之境...

請譯成英文, 謝謝.

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    形同虛設 --- existing in name only

    Existing in name only, ‘只是名義上存在’ 的意思, 亦即 「形同虛設」。如果說 沒有警隊及其他公務員部門執行法律, 法規只會是形同虛設, 英文是 Without the police force and other sectors of the civil service to enforce the law, legislation would exist in name only。

    如入無人之境 --- like a knife through butter

    按字面譯可以用 encountering no resistance at all, 例如 After defeating their enemy's elite forces, the troops encountered no resistance at all as they marched into the city (打敗敵人的精兵後, 軍隊闊步進城, 如入無人之境)。

    亦可以用 like a knife through butter, 這是 idiom, 解 'easily; without meeting any difficulty' (Oxford Advanced Learner's Dict.)。巴塞隆拿神童美斯在對基達菲的賽事中從中場線開始盤過五六個球員, 如入無人之境, 門前射入世紀金球, 是 It was like a knife through butter when Messi dribbled past five or six opponents from midfield to score a superb goal in the match against Getafe。