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DVD 錄影機 Menu/Front Page Background

我想問如果改變個Menu background,因為佢default左係牌子個Logo/design,可唔可以用自己圖片代替?? 嘗試過將幾段短片制成一隻碟,消錄完後佢會分成幾個chapter比你揀,但係個background好醜樣。

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  • 1 十年前

    It is uncommon for most of the consumer DVD recorders in the AV market.

    They will not allow you to change the background of the menu on your DVD disc.

    However, you can copy the DVD onto your PC and use Nero which allow you to customize your background picture, the menu navigation, and many other options.

    It works (for me) and hope this helps............

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    資料來源: my experience
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