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求Enghish字解釋 十分!!!!!


light microscope

electronic microscope

coarse adjustment knob

iris diaphragm


cell membrane

cell wall

Iodine solution

cell division


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    light microscope --- 光學顯微鏡

    electronic microscope --- 電子顯微鏡

    coarse adjustment knob --- 粗調節器

    iris diaphragm --- 虹膜式光欄

    magnification --- 放大倍數

    cell membrane --- 細胞膜

    cell wall --- 細胞壁

    Iodine solution --- 一種化學物品 , 用於測試starch(澱粉)是否存在

    cell division -- 細胞分解

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    因為我不知道你要的是不是中文解釋 , 所以我打中文解釋給你

    1. light - 光

    2. microscope - 顯微鏡

    3. electronic - 電子控制

    4. microscope - 顯微鏡

    5. coarse - 粗的

    6. adjustment - 調節裝置

    7. knob - 瘤

    8. iris - 虹膜

    9. diaphragmd - 橫隔膜

    10. magnification - 倍率

    11. cell - 電池

    12. membrane - 狀物

    13. cell - 電池

    14 . wall - 牆狀物

    15. Iodine - 碘

    16. solution - 溶液

    17. cell - 電池

    18. division - 間隔物

    希望可以幫到你 !

    2007-07-30 22:20:34 補充:

    1. light - 光學

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    Light microscope is the microscope that students are commonly used in the laboratory.

    They are used for studying cells and structures.

    Electronic microscope have a higher power of magnification than light microscopes. They make use of beams of electrons, instead og light. They magnify objects up to 500000 times, compared to only 1500 times in light microscopes.

    Coarse adjustment knob is a device that helps get a rough focus.

    Iris diaphragm regulates the amount of light entering the condenser.

    Magnification is the product of the power of the objective and the eyepiece.

    Cell membrane is a thin and flexible membrane. It encloses the cytoplasm and is differentially permeable, it allows only some substances to pass through. It controls the movement of materials into and out of the cells.

    Cell wall is a thick but fully permeable layer covering the cell membrane. It is made up of cellulose and it protects, supports and gives shape to plant cells.

    Iodine solution is added into the slide to make a certain cell structures more distinct.

    Cell division is a process by which a cell, called the parent cell, divides into two cells, called daughter cells. Cell division is usually a small segment of a larger cell cycle. In meiosis however, a cell is permanently transformed and cannot divide again.

    資料來源: BIO書+維基
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