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1. What is the highest weight of the luggage for children and for adult.

2. What souvenir should I buy to bring back HK in New Zealand

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  • 1 十年前

    For normal case, you should travel in economy class. the baggage allowance of major airline for both adults and children ( 2 - 11 years old) is 20 kg for a single person. For babies younger than 2 years old who doesn't occupy a seat, the allowance is only 10kg. The dimension of each baggage cannot exceed 80 inches (L + W + H) . Usually you can bring around 22 - 23 kg each person, the officer will allow you to go, but he /she can ask you to load only 20 kg if he / she insist to follow the regulations.

    Lamb chop, steak, wool handicraft, aboriginal art, kiwi fruit etc