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請問SCHUMANN既琴好唔好架? 係邊到出架? 可以用多久?二手用上5年或以上又值多少錢?

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  • may
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    1 十年前

    be very honest i wont recommand but i got one suggestion for u that u can think of is i know some piano company that they call package, u can ask them piano tuner to pick the piano for u , if u dont mind the case of the piano is a bite & crack but the string inside of the piano is good , there's 2 choose if u want the case & the string is excellent is expensive for my suggestion i wont mind the case the string of the piano is more important its my experience, u can buy from here than they will just charge u for piano piano tuning

    he might got the package of what i mention even not his piano price is reasonable it's a piano warehouse he's a fd of mine, but if u want the piano tuner to go with u i wont suggest is my advice it's more expensive they will charge u per trip time all u cn do is trust the professional tuner he' honest good , hope i can help u

    2007-08-04 12:45:33 補充:

    sorry i mean for piano tuning & the word is can

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  • 1 十年前



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  • 1 十年前

    Schumann (舒����)南京造,其它可用多久等問題,就唔多清楚.

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  • 德國4-5線鋼琴,評價實而不華。

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