A English Paragraph! I need it on Sunday!!!!!!

Please help me to write a English paragraph (250 words) to describe a scene in a library.

Make sure you vary your sentence length and style.

Please hurried!!!!!!!!!!

20 points!!!!!!


回應yernnice2001的發問,我不是要你集中在一個女子身上,而是介紹what you have seen in a library.

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  • 1 十年前

    In a usual evening, I walked into the library as I everyday do. The librarian was still the same face, the reader there were the same and the setting was boring as usual. However, when i was walking down the aisle between the bookshelves, I saw a new face, a face I will never forget.

    She is a girl with slight make-up, dressed in white school uniform crying hopelessly with her F.5 Chinese textbook on the desk. Then I saw another boy besides her, they were arguing with each other. I saw a red mark on the girl's face, she is possibly hit by the boy besides her. However, the boy did not stop yelling at the girl, and it seems he still wanted to hit the girl. So I stopped their conversation and told the boy to leave. The boy miraculously left!

    The girl was so sad and disappointed, so she just keep crying and had not noticed me at first, but I thought I already fell in love at first sight. I walked straight towards her and asked,"I have met you before, hadn't I?" She returns with a kind smile. So I continue talking and chatting with her the whole evening. We have spent a wonderful evening and exchanged our contacts. But I somehow lost her contact accidentally, despite I kept that as the most invaluable and precious of me, I am so unhappy but I will never forget the good times I have spent with that girl. Her name is Annie.

    資料來源: myself
  • 1 十年前

    It was a rainy day, i had nothing to do so i walked along to school. While i was walking to the corridor, with no sense of going to the library, i pushed the library door and walked inside. The Library, as usual, dark and spooky, nothing but only...books! At the moment i would like to leave, i found that there was a corridor that i haven't seen before. I walked and walked, the light became dimmer and dimmer. At last, I saw nothing, even the path i walked and where i were. Everywhere was silence until the sound of the thunder...and get back to silence...

    資料來源: myself