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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

可吾可以比Charlie and the Chocolate Factory既內容我知[約200字]




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    In a chocolate factory, a gloved hand lays Golden Tickets on five chocolate bars, which are wrapped with other bars into trucks across the world. Near the factory, Charlie Bucket lives in a small shack with his parents and all four grandparents in a town. Grandpa Joe then tells Charlie about the time he worked for Wonka at the factory, his palace made out of chocolate for Prince Pondicherry, who let it melt in the boiling sun after ignoring Wonka's advice to eat it. It was because of these spies that Wonka closed his factory and fired all his workers.

    The next day, Charlie hears about the re-opening of the factory and a major contest to be held for a chance to see it firsthand: Willy Wonka has announced worldwide that five Golden Tickets have been placed in five Wonka Bars, and that the finder of each of these tickets will be given a full tour of the factory, along with one parent, and a lifetime's supply of chocolate. In addition to this, one of the five ticket-holders will be given a special prize at the end of the tour. Charlie finds a ten-dollar note in the snow and decides to buy a chocolate bar, which contains the fifth golden ticket. Charlie wants to sell the ticket to make money for his family, but in the end decides to go to the factory.

    The next morning, Charlie and his Grandpa Joe arrive for the tour, and are greeted by an automated puppet show that breaks down. Augustus Gloop drinks from the chocolate river in the Chocolate Room and is sucked away by a pipe that leads to the Fudge Room. They were all punnished as the audience will see when they come out of the factory in the end.

    After Mike Teavee's departure, Willy Wonka invites Charlie to come live in the factory and work with him. Dr. Wilbur Wonka, denied him chocolate and candies because of the potential risk to his teeth. After finally sneaking in a piece of chocolate, he became obsessed with it, dreaming of becoming a chocolatier. Despite his father's wishes and threats, Wonka ran away from home to follow his dreams. The Wonkas reconcile, and Wonka Jr. finally realizes the value of family. Charlie's house and family are relocated to the factory's Chocolate Room. In the end, Charlie has the chocolate factory and Wonka has a family.

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