Jelly Beans 糖果的歷史是怎樣的?

一粒粒好多顏色好似腰豆形 d

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    You can visit this two website, they have enough information to satisfy your question.

    [because the words limited, so i do not post it.]The Chinese version and English version are different.



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    The interior jelly traces its origin back hundreds of years to a candy called Turkish Delight, while the shell is essentially the same as that developed in the late 19th century for Jordan Almond candies. The two were brought together around the beginning of the 20th century. It was not until 1930 or so that jelly beans became an Easter candy, presumably from their resemblance to eggs. In 1982 a new final process of applying a thin coat of wax was added to the jelly bean process giving them their glossy shine.[citation needed] The wax is applied when thousands of jelly beans are rotating in a large vat. A small amount (around a table spoon) of dry wax is added and as the beans rub up against each other, the small surface layer of wax is applied