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Project Proposal 的 background 應該怎樣寫及注意些什麽?

大家好, 我係新手. 我要做一個research project功課, 關於"控制cash flow 的重要性"

先要交Proposal, 但唔明background 應寫些什麽, 要注意些什麽? 希 有人能幫忙......thanks.

1 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    The interim report can be state in point form:

    Background should be state what you company status? is good, or financial difficulty, your company is success/failure to control cash flow? what is cash flow, who use it? and use this for? what the degree of importance? (有幾重要)

    注意是 cash flow would impact your company overall performance! if company can control cash flow, their performance, profit will improve, since A/R, A/R cycle will decrease, The company will obtain more business for arrange cash to purchase.

    Cash flow also measure company liquidity and efficiency, If company manage good in cash flow, they can ability to pay liability of purchase and operating expense, Sales will also increase.................

    if Cash flow is manage poor, it reflect your company inventory turnover is low, and high risk to bankruptcy, interest expense for borrowing increase,

    SO, SO the problem will be how to improve the cash inflow and outflow, budget planning, Sale forecast is the HARD to predict in cash flow.