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英文!! 可否用英文作句,入面有兩個相同的字,但系有完全不同的意思?

有頗多的英文字,有不同的意思,如 fine 字可解作「好」或 「罸款」。其他英文字包括check(查) 或(支票),


e,g, The nurse should be very patient(有容忍性) when she is listening to the senior patient(病人),



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  • 1 十年前

    1. Changing all four of the flat tires tires him.

    2. He was late to the ball because on his way here, his ride was hit by a ball.

    3. He leaves the house and steps into the carpet of fallen leaves.

    4. He is so nervous that he is close to fainting when the doors close behind him.

    5. He was put bhind the bars because he murdered a man in a bar.

    6. He puts a star next to the the movie that stars his favorite actor.

    7. The actor says that it was a challenge for him to act as James Otis, one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty who were agains the Intolerable Acts.

    8. The agent's cover was blown because he was seen on the cover of a magazine.

    9. We were discussing about the issue of "defining people by class" in class today.

    10. We live near the bank of a river, and it takes an hour to get to the closest town with a bank.

    11. The library spent a lot of space to store the books about the space.

    12. He drew a painting that he drew from the inside pocket of his coat.

    13. His prank was to stick a stick into her nose when she sleeps.

    14. He likes it when it looks like a good day.

    15. The light shines on her and she became as light as a feather and flew to the sky.

    16. Her tears comes rushing out of her eyes when her husband tears their picture into pieces.

    17. I cannot bear to see the cute and cuddly bears being killed.

    18. He loads the loads of cargoes onto his truck.

    19. The batter was about to bat when a bat flew into the stadium.

    20. She types her finnished essay on the 4 most common types of children disease in the middle of the night.

    21. The speaker gives his speech on the microphone while the audience hears it from the speakers.

    22. His eyesight is so bad that he cannot see the glasses of wine on the table without his glasses.

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