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電腦一開機冇左個window bar..

今朝唔知點解一開電腦, 就load好耐先入到win, 成5分鐘, 之后入到win喇, 但發現個desktop冇左個window bar, 即係響桌面最底部果條..跟住我想上網啦, 個browser load極都load唔到網頁..其實尋晩哩個情況都出現過, 去ping個網頁就得喎..但之后reboot部機冇耐就正常番..

點知今朝個情況又出現, browser load唔到野, win bar冇左..仲有, 連開個jetaudio播rmvb片, 都冇埋聲..都唔知做咩..究竟有咩問題呢!?? #_#' pls helppp...thanks a lot!

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  • 1 十年 前

    Make sure your HDD type, IDE or SATA. IF IDE type, then

    1st, you need to search in the Internet for the tools "IDEScan" and download this tools(ver 1 or ver 2) to a floppy disk or CD.

    2nd Boot your PC with any boot disk then run the tools to check your HDD to see whether your HDD is failure or not. If yes, u need to replace HDD then re-install XP.

    Otherwise, your PC may be infected by Virus. Try scan it by Anti-virus S/W.

    The registry fix provided by the last guy can only refresh and restore the task bar, cant fix the sound problem.

    Hope this can be help.

  • 1 十年 前

    2007-07-24 15:37:39 補充:

    你也可直接搜尋 xp_taskbar_desktop_fixall.vbs 下載來用