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Y-3 country of origion

Hi Buddy,

Do you know Y-3 is a Japanese Brand or not.

It is cheaper and more series in Japan.


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  • 1 十年前

    Y3 is definitely a Japanese Brand, yes.

    The price is the same in Japan, not cheaper.

    more information:

    山本 耀司、Yōji Yamamoto is a world famous Japanese designer. He created Y3 in 2003. He opened Y's line flagship store in Roppongi Hills in 2003. Later Adidas joined with him and produced products with both names.

    other items:

    Principal lines

    * Yohji Yamamoto

    * Yohji Yamamoto POUR HOMME

    * Yohji Yamamoto + NOIR

    * Y's

    * Y's for men

    * Y-3

    * Y's for living

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  • C
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    1 十年前

    I think Y-3 is from Adidas, so the brand is from US,

    but the designer is from Japan, he is Yohji Yamamoto

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