BMW 528i 冷氣有 "Da Da" 聲, 有咩問題?

我駕 BMW 行車時無事, 但停車息匙後, 冷氣機的 control 開始有聲出. "da..da..da..da" 聲. 開始時好細聲, 但係越來越大聲, 直至我再撻匙開冷氣,D聲至慢慢細番.請問我駕車有咩問題?


But the sound is obviously louder when I left the motor overnight. But I will still try your suggestion. Thanks.

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  • 1 十年前

    you may have debris such as tree drops get trapped inside the air duct. The noise is getting more significant after engine stops because the engine noise is just simply louder.

    Try to use a vacuum cleaner to suck at the air intake area see if the problem get resolved. if not, you need to take it to the shop and ask them to clear the airduct for you.

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