success and failure

(1) what is their relationship ?

(2) success and failure, in terms of mathematical equation ?

(3) why SUCCESS is ___ FAILURE ? and what is ____ ??

(4) who said that for (3) ? and why ? what is the meaning ?


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  • Ng
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    1 十年前

    (1) Failure is the mother of Success

    (2) Success = X Failure + f (luck, environment, self quality)

    where X is times of failure

    and f is a function

    (3) Unknown X. Success can be directly achieved with 0 times of failure depends on variables mentioned in (2)

    (4) Myself. To earn your points. Whether meaningful or meaningless depends on your judgement & preference

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    your thinking is close to Mr. Honda

  • 1 十年前

    (1) Sucess is associated to expectation, acceptance of number of individuals or entities

    (2) quantifying Success & Failure in mathematical equation:

    Degree of Success = Degree of acceptance X No. of individuals or entities / Degree of expectation of No. of individuals or entities,

    in simple form DOS= DOA/DOE

    (3) WHY Success is either Son or Mother of Failure (this is my assumption that needs to prove through by test hypothesis)! Because trial-on- error(Failure) would becoming success one day, which if could not be continuously improved over time, and eventually going into failure. and what is the principle of mutual cause and effec.

    (4) I just mention here for your question and did not express it to public before.

    Ref: my devil thought

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    That's why Honda is still having a long journey to (success) perhaps in Dr Shigeo Shingo's eye! Honda would just be an environment adaptor, not a shaper. Toyota is ever a leader of car builder i.e. The green- powered car!

  • 1 十年前

    I think there is no absolute equation between success and failure because both are a continuing of life. For example :

    If success + pride + lazy = failure ,

    If success + humble + hardworking + change = success ;

    If failure + active + improvement = success ,

    If failure + inactive = failure .

    2007-07-24 11:08:28 補充:

    Mis-typing : change s/b chance