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State or Province

Zip/Postal Code

Phone Number

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    state or Province (市. 縣. 省) is a city of a country,

    e.g. Guangdong Province 廣東 省

    Zip/Postal Code is a group of number that represent that city or country,

    e.g. Hong Kong : 00852

    Phone Number is a group of number that represent a place,

    e.g. you home phone number : (hong Kong is usually 8 numbers) xxxxxxxx

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    USA 用 State, Zip, Phone number

    Canada: 用Province, Zip, Postal Code

    For example: Walmart USA & Walmart Canada address:

    USA: Wal-Mart Store #2536

    Street 1110 East Prosperity Ave

    State: Tulare,

    Zip Code: CA 93274

    Phone: (559) 684-1300

    Canada address:

    100 City Centre Drive

    City: Mississauga

    Province: ON

    Postal Code: L5B 2C9

    Phone: 905-270-9300

    至於香港地址, state/province: Hong Kong

    Zip/Postal Code : (郵政區碼)

    phone number: (電話號碼)

    2007-08-07 02:10:02 補充:

    Phone number is definitely NOT a group of number representing a place.

    Phone number is the numbers which can reach your telephone, it does not representing any place at all.

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