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Cliff 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

did anyone know how to write cover letter/ self description?

i would like to apply flight attendent........i have to submit my application form with cover letter.....did anyone know how to write it that is more attractive for prospective employer... if anyone can offer a sample would be much better thx for your help!!!

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    1 十年前


    症狀有:最起碼的Capital letter也錯了!?問題對象用語格式錯!向網友求救導出問題中心不是

    I would like to apply....而是 I am applying for the job....(你準備做的事而已)

    did anyone 又錯了grammer。Does anyone ...才對。但接續的卻不通順!prospective employer是用錯了字

    整篇文都顯得粗心大意。Flight Attendant 的大忌。連covering letter 也冇信心,面試如何過關?

    Anyway, I can offer you a sample like this.

    Dear Sir/Madamn,


    Re: Application for the position of Flight Attendent (Ref:xxxxx)

    Applicant: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (HKID No.xxxxxxxx)

    I write to apply for the above position as advertised in the xxxxx(招聘來源) dated (登招聘日期)xxxxxxxx.

    As a graduate from xxxxx College(你最近期畢業的學校名) with xxx years working experience and serving as a xxxx(現時職位) at present, I trust that my credentials and working experience matched with your job requirements.

    Do feel free to call on me for further details at your convenience.


    Yours truly,

    xxxxxxx (your full )name



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    Date 前面的怪物是空位,是yahoo 的排位毛病

    2007-07-22 01:40:11 補充:


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    記得用spell & grammer check function ,否則自誤。

    2007-07-22 01:43:42 補充:

    最忌在covering letter 作長篇大論。

    資料來源: my 35 years experience as an employer
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  • 1 十年前

    安洛老人家 , 你的cover letter 中, 把 Flight Attendant 串成了 Flight "Attendent",


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  • 1 十年前

    Cover letter isn't too hard to write..

    The first paragraph:

    Write about how did you know about this job?


    Talk about yourself ( school, what degree if you just graduated from the university.) and tell them why you will be a good candidate for them? What is your strength, what are you good at? ( Really think about what are you good at, but don't BS about it)

    Basically tell them why you are "good fit" for this position?

    -Make sure you read the description carefully, get the main points about who are they looking for.


    This paragraph is "kiss ass" one, (need to do some research about the company)

    Tell them why would you love to work for this company? Why this company is so great for you to work for?

    at the end DON"T FORGET to say that you will follow up with them

    資料來源: me
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