GM全名係Game Manager定係General Manager?

如題....GM全名係Game Manager定係General Manager?

GM ge工作包括d咩?

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  • 1 十年前

    同意樓上網友的註釋, 在管理學的範疇上, GM是General Manager的縮寫。

    在近代的管理學而言, GM的工作是包括下列五個重點:

    1.) An obsession with responsiveness to customers;

    2.) Constant innovation in all areas of the firm;

    3.) Partnership - the wholesale participation of and gain sharing with all people connected with the organisation;

    4.) Leadership that loves change and instils and shares an inspiring vision;

    5.) Control by means of simple support systems aimed at measuring the "right stuff" for today's environment.

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  • 1 十年前

    The meaning of abbreviations is not fixed. Different parties use different abbreviation for different meaning.

    As for GM, it usually refers to General Manager. (Most likely, there will be a

    General Manager in a company.)

    GM usually directs the company and oversees the daily operations. In some small company, GM is like the CEO (reports only to the boss). In other firms, there could be a few GM's in a regional office alone, and their duties will be more focus on one specific area.

  • 1 十年前

    normally refer to General Manager

    job duties include smoothening office operation, just kind of administrative support, but in management level