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123 發問於 娛樂及音樂電影 · 1 十年前



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    1 十年前

    故事介紹 (Plot):

    Chan Chen-Pang (陳振邦), also known as "12th Young Master" (十二少 played by Leslie Cheung 張國榮), was a fashionable playboy who frequented the opium dens prevalent in Hong Kong in 1934, where he met the courtesan, Fleur (如花) (Anita Mui 梅艷芳).

    They began a passionate love affair, but unaccepted by the family of 12th Master. On March 8 at 11pm, they decided to suicide together by swallowing opium, and promised to meet again in the afterlife. After waiting for Chan in hell for 50 years, Fleur returned to the world of the living to look for him. She searched for her lover in a Hong Kong. She decided to place a newspaper advertisement (using the code "3811", to indicate the time of their suicide), and gained the assistance of Yuen (袁文定) and Chor (楚絹).

    Fleur found her lover in the end, but she was dismayed and felt cheated, as Chen-Pang did not die. Fleur understood that he had not been entirely honest. Not surprisingly, due to his personality, he was poor and made a living as a Chinese opera stand-in. Recognising Fleur, he begged her for her forgiveness. Fleur realised that he had indeed suffered much more than she had. Retribution has been paid. She left the living world.

    短評 (Comment)

    It's a passionate and romantic story. However, I think Fleur is quite silly. She should know what kind of person Chen is. It's impossible for Chen to keep his promise. His nature is flirtatious; he's just a playboy.

    Anyway, I like the movie. I will recommend it to my friends.