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    Since the last hand, the entire cast rabbit ethnic humiliation. Each Pang also see frogs, squirrels and sparrows and other small animals, the subject of mockery : "woke up already? "As a result, rabbits and tortoises nation to challenge the book, it is necessary that during the past glory of rewriting history ... The next day, rabbits and turtles have their own ready : turtle -- Fan practice turtles swimming, weightlifting ... Hsiao-tu -- rabbit circle is practicing the high jump, long jump ... They practice around the clock to ensure the match victory. To make the competition fair, they invited Dr. Prior cat choose venues, the starting point is a vast grassland, and the grassland is a slender middle of the road, across hills, swimming across the lake will again crossed the railings in order to complete the race. To the days of the match, two players have come so sure starting point, "three ... two ... one ... start! "With the dust judge Yan optional whistle sound, made the tortoise and rabbit circle immediately to the end -- to those big trees. For the early part of the circle of rabbit distance is extremely simple, it is aware of the turtle takes a long time to walk the road of words, So it to accelerate the pace of hope behind the tortoise, turtle won everywhere top branches and some straw to make a catapult Taiwan, and embarked on launching platform, a bomb on the way to the bomb. Circle dancing rabbits how to catch up with it, so he went all out jump forward. Fan turtles immediately to the Lishan arguments of the other side, it will be to the efforts towards the lake. Although Hill Road, all the twists and turns, rough difficult, but also made the turtles spend their hearts not their will to fight. It finally climbed to the lake, easily swam to the other side, they found the railings shore stand in the way of it. Fortunately, it was prepared by the shell it took some small trampoline, Yibengyidiao across the railing to jump to big trees. As for the circle of rabbit, were in the immediate block will stand in the way of the lake. Fortunately, it pre-emptively, before the `edge of the lake placed a Puffy. Puffiness Retrieve it in the water to go all out with only hard legs, eyebrows drawn to the other side, "Hurdle? Extremely easy! "Circle the rabbit side crossed the column, it said," but made the turtles ... but ... but ... "circle the rabbit finally made the Chase to the turtles. But it made the turtles used in the method is shocked, I did not realize that made the turtles would use this method, then circle rabbit more struggling Hurdle, Fan finally caught up with the turtles. Two players to start the "ultimate war" and "worse! "Circle the rabbit was a little stones tripping, many of the blood outflow knees, made the turtle looked back and saw Circle Rabbit fell, immediately go on the circle next to rabbits to produce tapes and consolation It said : "Never? Need to tape? "" Why are you helping me? You take the opportunity not to rush into the end? "Circle the rabbit is not satisfied to a murmur. "Friendship first, competition second! "Circle the rabbit was moved to tears starting to flow, two small animals Hand-in-hand, to run to the end. Rabbit circle of the family to wash away the stigma, made for the turtle family brilliant, turtles made with rabbit circle will never become a good friend of separation.

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    中文:新龜兔賽跑 自從上次龜兔賽跑後,整個兔族蒙上奇恥大辱。每逄還見青蛙、松鼠、麻雀等小動物,總被嘲笑:「已經睡醒了嗎?」於是,兔族向龜族下挑戰書,一定要把過去那段不光榮的歷史重寫……翌日,兔子和烏龜都各有準備:烏龜——番龜練習游泳、舉重……小兔——圈兔則練習跳高、跳遠……牠們不分晝夜地練習,務求在比賽中獲勝。為了使比賽公平地進行,牠們邀請了貓頭熙博士選擇比賽場地,起點是一片廣闊的草原,而草原中間有一條細長的小路,越過山丘,游過將湖,再跨過欄杆,方能完成賽事。

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    Last time, Hare lost in the competition. He was very unhappy. So, he decided to race with Tortoise again. This time, when the competition began, Hare ran as fast as he could. Soon, Tortoise was not in his sight. Hare said to himself, 'This time, the winner will be me!'

    Suddenly, Hare heard a painful moan. He turned and saw Mr. Dog, walking very slowly, with a big, heavy sack on his back, and it seemed that he was in agony. Hare wanted to help Mr. Dog. He knew that Tortoise would not be here soon, so he took the big sack from Mr. Dog and helped him carried it.

    Hare was not careful enough. He didn't notice a pebble on the road and he tripped on it. He fell to the ground and hurt his leg. He could barely walk. He cried as he knew he could not complete the race. Mr. Dog quickly went to look for help.

    After a while of walking, Mr. Dog met Tortoise. Mr. Dog told Tortoise what happened and Tortoise followed him to where Hare lay. Tortoise help Hare to his feet and said to him, 'Let me help you. We can be winners together!' So, Hare and Tortoise walked all the way to the finishing line, and they were both winners!

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