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"Environment-friendly"; vs "Envrionmental-friendly", which one is correct? Please note, we always say "user-friendly"; and "paper-friendly"!!

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    Environmentally friendly, also referred to as nature friendly, is a term used to refer to goods and services considered to inflict minimal harm on the environment.[1] Due to the fact there is no existing international standard for this term, the International Standards Organization deemed it too vague to be meaningful.[2]

    Environmentally friendly labels are used across the globe to promote products, however there is no international standard, and many different labels. There are three types of environmental labels. Type I is a label that is only achieved after the approval of a 3rd party, Type II is a self-made claim, and Type III labels give information to the consumer about all products rather than selectively pick products that pass a standard.[3][4]

    North America

    In the United States, the phrase is commonly used for advertising or on packaging to promote a sale, but no Federal standard is required to display the labels, and thusly the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed them useless in determining whether a product is truly green.[2]

    In Canada one label is that of the Environmental Choice Program.[5] Created in 1988,[6] only products approved by the program are allowed to display the label.[7]


    Products located in members of the European Union can use the EU's Eco-label pending the EU's approval.[8] EMAS is another EU label[9] that signifies whether an organization management is green as opposed to the product.[10] Germany also uses the Blue Angel, based on Germany's standards.[5]


    The Energy Rating Label is a Type III label[11][4] that provides information on "energy service per unit of energy consumption".[12] It was first created in 1986, but negotiations led to a redesign in 2000.[13]


    Energy Star is a program with a primary goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.[14] Energy Star has different sections for different nations or areas, including the United States,[15] the European Union [16] and Australia.[17]


    Pest control

    Integrated pest management is regarded as a more environmentally friendly form of pest control than traditional pesticides,[18][19] as its goal is to reduce pesticide use to a minimum by using a variety of less impactive means, with pesticides only as the last resort. Biological pest control is another form of control considered by many experts to be environmentally friendly.[20]

    Waste management

    Recycling and composting are viewed as more environmentally friendly forms of waste management than traditional burying or burning practices.[21] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has the largest composting facility in the world; representing 35% of Canada's centralized composting capacity.[22] The $100-million co-composter results in Edmonton recycling 65% of its residential waste.[22]

    We can both say Environmental friendly Or Environment Friendly...



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    BUT if u use ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY 後面一定係要跟 Technology.

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    文法是 adverb modify adjective

    所以是 environmentally modify friendly (adj)


    我是上面的 "allofusme"

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    environment-friendly (correct);

    environmental-friendly (incorrect)


    environment-friendly (correct)

    (being friendly to the environment)

    結構等如出題者講的 "user-friendly" ,



    environmentally-friendly (correct)

    friendly (adj) modify environmentally (adverb)



    反而 environmental-friendly 才是錯的,

    environmental (adj)

    friendly (adj)




    例:red-soft carpet = red carpet + soft carpet




    現在返回 environmental-friendly (engine)


    environmental engine (meaningless)

    friendly engine (meaningless)


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    I think environmental-friendly is correct