Which Ram I should buy?

I just bought a HP Pavilion a6128hk that include Pentium dual-core e2140, 1.6GHz and 1024MB DDR2 533MHz. As it runs window vista Home basic edition, I would like to buy one more 1G Ram to increase it's performance. Therefore, what kinds of Ram I should buy now? or may I buy a 1 GB Ram with higher frequency (higher than 533MHz) ?Which brand is better? Which selling store is reliable? How much for it usually?

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My computer contents is as the following:


更新 2:

In the info provided by HP, my computer hv

記憶體插槽 : 2 個 DIMM 插座

What is the meaning of it?

更新 3:

Since I just bought this model for about 1 week, May I reserve the original one and add 1 X 1 GB Ram with 533MHz only. If appliable, which brand is compatiable with my orginial one to maintain the stabiIity of my PC?.

更新 4:

Besides, I work in CWB , then I like to buy it in CWB Windsor Plaza as well. Do you know which shop is reliable and about the cost?

Thanks for attention for the above-additional questions raised on 15/7.

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    首先, 我唔知你有幾多條ram槽...不過無論你有2條/4條(通常都係咁)都好, 先要明白ram係一對對咁配好 o既...因為咁樣行到Dual Channel 機會大好多

    1.假設你有4條ram槽, 本身有512MB X 2, 則加多兩條512MB為佳

    2.假設你有4條ram槽, 本身為1GB X 1, 我都建議買兩條1GB, then拆左舊ram唔用...因為未必夾舊ram(只加1條1GB風險較大)

    3.假設你有4條ram槽, 本身為256MB X 4(咁無良!?), then拆2條256MB再加2條1GB

    4.若只有兩條ram槽, 本身有512MB X 2, 柝哂then add two 1GB

    5.若只有兩條ram槽, 本身為1GB X 1, 建議換兩條1GB, 原因同"3"

    另外, 若你買高D頻率 o既 ram, 佢都會配合較低速一條/底板最高支援頻率而運行, 加上而家普遍DDR2 667比 DDR2 533平, 不仿考慮DDR2 667

    price list參考: http://www.jumbo-computer.com/pricelist.asp

    A-DATA DDR-2 667MHZ 1G Ram HK$ 315.00

    A-DATA DDR-2 533MHZ 1G Ram HK$ 330.00

    店鋪方面, 以上網址的jumbo@旺電都幾多人幫襯, 不過去where買都好最緊要check下包裝上面有冇代理貼紙/入面有保用證等, 唔好買錯水貨

    希望幫到你啦, 有問題歡迎再補充, 我會盡力答

    2007-07-14 01:42:31 補充:

    Then I suggest you to buy two 1G DDR2 667A-DATA DDR-2 667MHZ 1G Ram X2 HK$ 315.00 X2

    2007-07-15 14:00:24 補充:

    1. That means you can only have 2 slots to install ram on your motherboard, so you can only have 2 ram at the same time.

    2007-07-15 14:01:01 補充:

    2. Are you sure you have one 1GB ram on your motherboard instead of two 512MB ram? As I have mentioned, there are only two ram slots. Besides, some ram may not compatible with your original ram.

    2007-07-15 14:01:15 補充:

    That's why I suggest you to buy two 1GB ram and replace the original one(sometimes different batch of ram, even the same model, may not compatible, too. So, it is safe to buy them at the same time.).

    2007-07-15 14:01:51 補充:

    3. Sorry, I don't know much about that plaza. The nearest computer plaza should be "298 computer plaza". It's near the Wan Chai MTR station A4 exit.

    2007-07-15 14:02:02 補充:

    I can't tell you which shop is reliable as I doesn't go there often, but just check the price, and for most of the ram, such as "A-data", check out if there is a sticker by "憶智" company which is the agency in HK.

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