if + would, (sentence),呢個句字結構有冇問題?

if + would, (sentence)


I would be pleased if you would grant me an interview at your convenience.



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    There is no problem to do this...the meaning of it is:

    我會感到很高興 ,如果你能給予我一interview的機會~

    Just like you can say:

    What would happen if you catch a cold?



    If you do something bad, then I would hit you.

    如果你做壞事的話 ,我會打你.


    But is this case...I would suggest to change the second "would" to can...like this:

    I would be pleased if you can grant me an opportunity to have a interview at your convenience


    Anyways...it's find to have "if" and "would" in a sentence...i hope my answer can solve your problem la...^^

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    It is just the same structure as "If ..___ (verb, past tense)...., ... would...." (Type 2)

    Example: If you could do your job properly, I would give you more salary. (But with a lower chance to happen)