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邊個有Tomb Raider - Anniversary Demo的攻略啊~~~~比我啊~~~急用啊~~

邊個有Tomb Raider - Anniversary Demo的攻略啊~~~~比我啊~~~急用啊~~THX

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    The demo version is the level 3 -- the lost valley, but it wont include the fight with the T Rex.

    OPEN AREA WITH WATERFALL AND HUGE MACHINE: When you drop down from the low stone platform near the entrance, 2 wolves emerge from the area to the right of the platform (left when facing it). There's plenty of open space to move around as you fight, but you can also climb up on the rocks to the left of the pool and shoot the wolves from there. Here you'll also pick up the FIRST COG, one of three you'll need to repair the huge wooden machine on the cave wall. You could climb up and replace the first cog now, but it's not necessary yet. Wait until you get the second.

    For now, jump in the pool, turn to face the low platform where you entered the area and then swim down through an underwater tunnel. Surface in the small cave at the end of the tunnel and pick up a small medipak. Swim back to the pool and climb out.

    Now climb the rocks behind where you found the cog. Jump to grab the stone handhold next to the waterfall. Jump up to grab the handhold above. Climb around to the left, pull up and vault onto the ledge ahead and pick up some shotgun ammo. Grab the narrow ledge and climb as far as possible to the right then jump and grab the next handhold. Climb all the way around toward the falls, jump up, then pull up onto a ledge. Climb up straight ahead onto a wider ledge with steps leading up to the right.

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    Turn right, go up the steps and follow the short tunnel forward and around to the right. You emerge near the rapidly flowing stream at CHECKPOINT 2. go to to hav a lookgd luck!!

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    Pull up. Climb up on the right and jump back to grab the wooden ledge behind. Again pull up.Follow the on-screen instructions to target the ropes holding the wooden platform above the stream. Shooting the ropes drops the rickety wooden platform into the water, leaving a horizontal bar.

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    Grab onto the light stone ledge, climb around to the left and jump back to grab the bar. Swing around and jump to grab the next ledge. Pull up and follow the tunnel around to the right. Grapple-swing across the gap to the wooden platform ahead.

    2007-07-16 21:22:41 補充:

    Go around the wall on the right, climb up three times, climb around to the right and then jump to grab the stone handhold on the other side of the wooden platform. Pull up and follow the tunnel around to the right. Cross the wooden bridge and pick up the SECOND COG.

    2007-07-16 21:23:11 補充:

    If you didn't already do so accidentally while firing at the bats, shoot the ropes supporting the bridge. This leaves a metal ring perfect for grapple swinging, but don't do that.

    2007-07-16 21:23:38 補充:

    Instead go to the left side of the ledge, wait for the horizontal bar on the turning wheel to move toward you and then jump to grab it. Swing around and, when the wheel turns so Lara is nearest wood-and-rock structure in the middle of the waterfall ahead, jump to grab it.

    2007-07-16 21:23:54 補充:

    Climb around to the right and up to the highest rock handhold. Then jump back to grab the ledge behind. Follow the tunnel to a switch and use it to open a barred opening underwater somewhere. CHECKPOINT 4 registers here.

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