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我要寫一份關於ESPRIT的功課, 如想集中於DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS, 及COMPETITOR ANALYSIS只集中香港, 會否太過狹窄呢? 但又唔識搵GLOBAL ANALYSIS的資料, 如最少要5千字, 會唔會太少資料呢? 望能詳盡回答thanks!

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  • Eve
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    1 十年前

    I think what you can do is to also add the 5 forces analysisEvery company has both coporate and business level strategy, so please elaborate your question. (don't just write competitive analysis=also analyze the external environemnt)=I don't think you can write 5000 words with the distribution and compeitive analysis only --since it's very difficult to find the inforation you need. 5000 words means 20 pages -a lot . Alos, pls copy some graphs or diagrams to make the paper more professional looking. If you cannot find the global compeitiot analysis, you can find some compa nies of the simialr industry (with stocks) to put it in your analysis to assume. Or you can note to your instructor in your paper that since you cannnot find documented info. concerning the Espirit, all you can do is to assume.

    =Coporate level strategy is the long-term strategy and decided by the CEOs which state the company mission and the future direction of the company, This type of strategies almost are looking for longer than 10 years.

    =Business level strategy is the short to middle term strategy, following the coporate strategy, the middle level management and the front-line management make decision on how to compete, develop and survival in the specific region, country, or market segment(s).

    For example, in the case of StarBucks, its coporate strategy is decided by the CEOs in USA. Hong Kong's mangement is a regional management, they can reflect some special needs of the HK market back to USA and help the CEOs making the coporate strategy. However, HK managers can only adopt and implement any business level strategies that are in the inbounded area of the coporate strategy.