The lyrics of Jay Chau's 七里香

Is anyone have the English translated lyrics of Japy Chau's 七里香? It's urgrent for my homeowrk!!!!!! There's 20 points for this question!!!!!

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    Qi li xiang (Seven mile fragrance — a type of flower)

    The sparrow outside is chirping, perched on a power cable

    You say that this scene feels very much like spring

    The pencil in my hand moves back and fro on the paper

    Using a few words to describe who you are to me

    The taste of Qiu Dao fish, both the cat and you would like to discover (sorry, can’t find exact english name of the fish)

    By doing so, we rediscover the taste of first love

    The warm sunshine is just like the taste of freshly picked strawberries

    You say that you cannot bear to consume such a feeling

    The rain lasts all night, and my love pours out like a deluge

    The rain runs off the leaves, and combines with my longings to form a thick stack in my mind

    A few negative comments about you cannot cool my warm feelings

    You appear on every page of my poems.

    The rain lasts all night, and my love pours out like a deluge

    The butterfly outside the window looks like a page of a book describing an idyllic scene

    I carry on writing, to add “I will always love you” into the ending of the poem.

    You are the only one that I wish to understand.

    The granary is full to the brim, indicative of this bountiful season

    The hue of your face is like a field of ripe tomatoes

    You suddenly say to me, that “qi li xiang” has a very beautiful name

    But all I am thinking of now is kissing your wilful lips

    The original:


    词:方文山 曲:周杰伦

    窗外的麻雀 在电线杆上多嘴

    你说这一句 很有夏天的感觉

    手中的铅笔 在纸上来来回回


    秋刀鱼的滋味 猫跟你都想了解


    那温暖的阳光 像刚摘的鲜艳草莓


    雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水

    雨水落叶 跟我的思念厚厚一叠

    几句事非 也无法将我的热情冷却


    雨下整夜 我的爱溢出就像雨水

    窗台蝴蝶 像诗里纷飞的美丽章节

    我接着写 把永远爱你写进诗的结尾


    那饱满的稻穗 幸福了这个季节


    你突然对我说 七里香的名字很美


    Hope can help you !!!

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