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用Outlook Express有咩好處?


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  • 1 十年前

    Using an email software (eg. OE) can help to maintain all the emails in a single repository resided in your computer which can be manipulated anytime.

    Maintain means prepare, draft, send and receive

    All emails means not just one email account but any email accounts you got from different providers (eg. yahoo mail, gmail, hotmail, company email accounts, and other free email accounts)

    Single place means you can easily backup the emails onto local disk, external disk, flash memory (eg. memory stick) or even onto CD/DVD-Rs.

    Manipulated anytime means you can copy, delete, view, compose, forward at your local computer (without the need to be online first). Imagine if you view the same email with a lot of photos attached, would you like to wait for the download everytime ? Guess it is better to be viewed instantly which is already downloaded and located at your computer. It is even more faster if you want to search the emails.

    OE provides you the setting to keep your webmails still in the server. That means, when you download the email from say Yahoo, you can still read your Yahoo email at Pacific Coffee or at school or library.

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  • Ng
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    1 十年前

    可以download晒d email

    offline 睇 law



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