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About doctor

Please answer my question if you are a doctor...

I want to be a doctor.

What would doctor do?

How long would doctor study?

Be a doctor is so hard?

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    it really depends on the specialty and the clinical setting you are in

    in general, a doctor in the hospital rounds in the morning, looking after the in-patients, and then see out-patients in the clinic; s/he also has other duties like endoscopy and operations

    a doctor working in a private clinic sees cases all the time

    there are other doctors working in the laboratory or other settings, where the job nature is totally different

    when you grow senior, you may have some administrative and managerial duties as well

    in an academic unit, you may have chance to engage in research projects

    the undergraduate program is now 5 years + 1 year internship, after these 6 years you are a registered doctor and allowed to practise in HK; for specialty training, it depends on the specialty, usually it is 6 more years

    with EAS it is now more difficult to be admitted to the medical school

    (and probably you have to improve your english also)

    the medical school itself is not that hard; somehow everybody goes to medical school finally graduates; but it is often not a pleasant job, but a stressful one, with unstable working hours, and unfair contract terms