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kampan 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

Please change it into english~URGENT!!! Thanks.

Don't use computer programme to change ,

Tic Tac在短短幾年裡就獲得了硬糖果及薄荷醣類市場12%的份額.


他們模仿Tic Tac產品清爽的塑料盒包裝,

也將自己的產品定位為不含糖糖果.Tic Tac公司的市場份額因此下跌到2%

Tic Tac通過明確無糖和無熱量之間的區別向對手發起了反擊.


而美國人對熱量特別敏感!Tic Tac將它的品牌定位在這個細分市場,

利用“Tic Tac的薄荷糖僅含1.5卡路里”這樣的口號.市場份額又回到12%~

Tic Tac公司的市場防禦戰略做得非常好,


利用“Tic Tac的薄荷糖僅含1.5卡路里”這樣的口號,



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  • keith
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Tic Tac won 12% of the market share of hard candy and mint in just a few year. But it had to deal with the challenges of various candy companies which put their candies in plastic boxes similar to Tic Tac's and positioned the products as sugar-free candies."

    The market share of Tic Tac dropped by 2%, but it struck back by clarifying the difference between sugar-free and calorie-free candies. Most of Tic Tac's competitors made low-calorie candies and Americans were extremely sensitive towards calorie! As a result of re-positioning Tic Tac in this market segment, the slogan "freshness in 2 calories"〔呢個係真口號〕pushed Tic Tac back to the 12% mark.

    Tic Tac did a brilliant job in its market defense strategy, responding promptly to new products of its competitors to fend off their challenges. The slogan"freshness in 2 calories" also helped them re-position in the market and even remodel the brand image. Now Tic Tac mint sells itself by its healthy image.

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