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    長袖, = long sleeve

    短袖, = short sleeve

    窄, = tight fit

    闊, = loose fit

    格仔, = checkers (i.e. this garment with checkers pattern)

    條子, = stripes (i.e. this garment is designed by stripes)

    橫間, = horizontal stripes (or,.. just call it stripes is also workable depending on the situation) & 如果你講色織間.. 好似t-shirt呀, polo shirt呀嘅stripes.. 也可以考慮用engineer stripes.. depends..

    直間, = vertical stripes

    顏色, = colour

    短褲, = shorts (如果系長少少但唔過膝用bermuda, 如果過膝少少,可以講Rap pants「以lose fit計)...etc..

    長褲, = pants or trousers

    褸, = coat or jacket

    西裝褸, = classic jacket

    面褲, = classic pants

    低衫褲 = underwears,

    孖煙通, = boxers / knickers

    三角低褲 = breif / inner brief

    另外 :

    背心 - vest / singlet

    羽絨 夾克 - down jacket

    滑雪夾克 - ski jacket

    棉夾克 - padded jacket

    運動上衣/夾克 - track jacket

    運動下裝/褲 - track pants (depends on the design.. there is hiking pants..etc)

    半節裙子 - skirt

    全身裙 - dress / one piece dress

    襯衫 - shirt

    牛仔夾克 / 牛仔fit夾克 - jeans jacket

    改短 - shortening / cut it shorter

    改窄一點 - narrower / narrow it a bit

    太窄 - too tight

    太鬆 - too lose

    太長 - too long

    太短 - too short

    你想試一試大一個尺碼嗎? - Do you want to try / fit a size larger?

    你想試一試細一個尺碼嗎? - Do you want to try / fit a size smaller?

    這是否太大? Is it too big for you?

    這是否太細? Is it too small/tight for you?

    這兒還有很多不同貨品給你選擇 - There are plenty of choices for your selection.

    你認為(黑色)怎樣? What do you think about the (black colour)? / How do you feel the (black piece)?

    你喜歡這個/款/色嗎? Do you like this one? / Do you like this style? / Do you like this colour?

    這是現在最流行的款式/顏色.. This is the most trendy / popular style nowaday / This the most trendy colour.

    這些貨品從(歐洲)/(日本)入口的. These products / goods are imported from (Europe/Japan.)

    你穿這個十分好看. You look great with this! It's fabulous....

    太多了.. 下次再講..

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    長袖=long sleeves

    短袖=short sleeves


    直間=straight stripes







    Good morning .May I help you?

    Yes,please.Have you got any French bread?

    No,I'm sorry.We've only got normal bread.

    That's Okay.Do you have brown bread?

    Yes,I have brown bread and white bread.They are the same price.One loaf of bread is $4.40.

    That's a good price. I'll take two.

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