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    Who is Green Globin?

    Green Goblin is one of the enemies of Spiderman. There were two version of green globin. The first one being Norman Osborn, who is an industrailist, as well as the father of Harry, a very close friend of Peter Parker (Spiderman). The second green globin was Harry, who turned into "green globin junior" after the death of his father and discovered the identity of Peter Parker. Due to this complicated relationship between the Green Globins and Spiderman, the character is considered as one of the greatest enemies ever created. Nowadays when people talk about green globin, the term usually refers to Norman Osborn's version.

    How Norman became Globin?

    Norman, together with Dr Mendel Stomm, co-founded an industrial firm focused on some kind of research and developmental projects. In one of his rough days, Norman accidentally found out an experimental strength and intelligence enhancement formula developed by Dr Mendel Stomm. Driven by his wife's recent death and depression caused by work overload, he tried the formula. That resulted in increased power and intelligence, but at the same time, turned him into a green-faced monster. (Note, in movie, dunno why, his face is normal) That face, together with a garish green and purple goblin costume he later wore, pretty much depicted the image of the character.

    The Abilities of Green Globin

    Green globin possesses supernatuaral strength, quickiness, reflexes and stamina. Besides, he is partially bullet-proof, that only when firing from a considerably close range can cause some harm to him. Green globin uses mainly two kinds of weapons, namely, grenade-like "pumpkin bombs" and a flying "goblin glider". Pumpkin bombs are highly exposive and later versions of them could even have enemy-tracking ability, while globin glider is a personal transporting device, which is extremely fast and maneuverable. And it was exactly this globin glider that caused his own death, when he tried to harm spiderman with the sharp point of the glider but ended up cutting his own chest.

    資料來源: myself, based on my understand about spiderman and some internet searching