Does he like me??

At school he always like show off in front of me, when I'm angry or mad he just start laughing or act like he's scare...

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  • 1 十年 前

    Yes he does like you!!! Guys always and I mean ALWAYS show off in front of the girls they like whether you think he is just being funny or he acts like an idiot, he just wants your attention. My boyfriend and I met at work and he did all sorts of weird things just to get my attention and he would always asked if I could go to his department (we worked at a department store in the US) to help him out even when he was fine by himself. That was all before we started dating, so I could tell you that YES he does like you! Good luck!

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  • 1 十年 前

    我覺得佢其實只係耍你....或者佢想吸引你呢!!!最好睇耐D先~如果佢成日都係咁,可能係喺度暗示.....希望HELP到你^ ^

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  • 1 十年 前

    i think u like him. that's true.

  • 1 十年 前

    no wor

    i don't think he like you

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