HKU or CU ?

i hv got both HKU BA (yr 1) and CU ENG (yr 2) offers for non-jupas applicatoin this yr ...

struggling in between them now ...which one is better?

for CU eng, there are some literature courses.. which i've never touched before.. and dunno can i catch up with others as a yr 2 student.. but i can grad. earlier ..

for HKU BA, yr 1 dun need to choose major this yr, but dunno for yr 2, can i choose the major i like ...

dunno how to choose ...can anyone help?



if for hku ba, i wanna major in "language and communication", do i need to have C or above in UE sin can take?? and do i need to hv C for its yr 1 course sin can major this in yr 2 ??

更新 2:

for CU eng, do anybody know can we transfer credits?

coz i afraid will study duck ho sun fu ..since we need to take 8 yr 1 core courses now in our yr 2 study + some electives gum ...

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    HKU 名氣大d 一定有理由!!

    CU English 連UE D左既人都收做major,又有literature courses, quite harsh for non-lit students.

    前面個位話CU English 好似好好,咁係因為佢地d English courses harsh.

    For entering the English course in year one (HKU BA), one has to get a minimum C in UE (excluding non-jupas, they base on different criteria), for majoring in English, one has to get a minimum C in first year course, so HKU English is the best among all universities in HK.

    Of course you can choose the major you like, you can double major tim, but when you choose courses for the first year, you have to think of the major you want because these majors one has to complete the first year courses. If you wanna major in English, then in the first year you gotta take English.

    As far as I know, only English has a minimum grade for taking major, other subjects are free to choose provided that you take the foundation course in year one.

    HKU English has some literature courses as well, but you don't have to choose them, they are electives. In the first year, there's only one course, as long as you get a C in this course, you can take English as a major in the second year.

    Since HKU BA was restructured last year, you can take courses from 'Language and Communication' and 'Linguistics' like the English courses and claim credits. For more information you can check it out at

    I am not a lit-student too, there are a lot of undergraduates who has lit background, if you take lit courses, it will be very hard to catch up. I took courses from the socio-linguistics stream, those courses are mainly about language and the society.

    I had a friend who was admitted to CU English and he didn't like it at all, he tried to transferred the credits to HKU BA but he didn't succeed.

    It's not that I am an English major in HKU BA for me to say good things about HKU English, but my friend, please think of the admission grade.

    CU English: even people with a D in UE can study (I am not saying this course is not good, no offense for CU English majors!!!)

    HKU English: first year - minimum C in UE; second year - minimum C in first year course

    2007-07-05 23:42:53 補充:

    HKU BA - minimum requirement for UE is Dbut HKU English - minimum requirement is C*non-jupas(asso) : high GPA is ok la

    2007-07-06 18:02:49 補充:

    前面個位- since HKU BA minimum requirement is D, gum of course we admit UE D gei students ga la, but for enrolling in English, only C in UE can take ga........ gum since the one who asked the question wanna study English, we should only consider the admission grade in English, right?

    2007-07-06 18:04:46 補充:

    HKU BA - 70% AL and 30% CE For my personal experience, as long as you get high AL result, UE D is ok ga, but not ok for HKU English ja ma.....HKU English is harsh in HKU BA as well..ask any BA undergrad ar, they will know. ^^

    2007-07-06 18:05:17 補充:'s no use to argue which U gei English is the best, I think HKU Eng is best, others think CU Eng is annoying. As long as we can answer the question, gum good good la. ^^

    2007-07-06 18:05:54 補充:

    HKU BA 收生濫 is because we admit more people jei......but every year, around 90 people can take English course jafor 發問者, I dunno much about 'Language and Communication' you'd better look it up in the website la......

    2007-07-06 18:06:16 補充:

    but Langcom is a relatively new subject (only a few years ja), the structure is not yet mature and most of its subjects are not their subjects.....better not major in it la, but it's an option anyway...if you have any question to ask me, email me @ la

    資料來源: HKU English fresh graduate
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    i saw a case in uwants or discuss forum

    someone got D for UE

    then sth like BCE

    n only 13 in HKCEE

    but got into BA..

    i dont know whether he or she got in through asso or wt..

    2007-07-05 11:12:17 補充: refer to this page also我都想C以上先收a,事關我報jor a ma但睇stats 果d好唔準2間都應該冇咩大分別你都係睇返自己喜好,budget等等問埋d CU ge friend睇下點啦