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Tak Shing 發問於 社會及文化語言 · 1 十年前

909天與時並進:END OF AN ERA 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

It’s the end of an era as Britain 英國 gets ready to welcome a new leader. Prime Minister Tony Blair is stepping down 辭職 tonight and his deputy 副手, Gordon Brown will take over 接任. In a short while, Blair will leave Number 10 Downing Street 唐寧街 for Buckingham Palace 白金漢宮 to tender 呈據 his resignation 辭職 to the Queen.


Earlier tonight he left for Parliament 國會 for the last time as leader of Britain to the jeers (jeers 怎解?) of anti-war protesters 反戰示威者 gathered 集結 at one end of Downing Street. His replacement 替代者,

更新 2:

Chancellor 大臣 of the Exchancellor (Exchancellor 怎解?) Gordon Brown (Gordon Brown 怎譯?) will take the reins (reins 怎解?) in just over one hour. Once hailed 歡呼 as Britains brightest (brightest 怎解?) hope,

更新 3:

Blair was forced 被迫 to step down because of his support for the disastrous 損害重大的 invasion 入侵 of Iraq 伊拉克.

更新 4:

The above English was written from ATV Main News at 19:30.

You may revise it if you like. Thanks

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  • K
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    1 十年前


    第一位朋友譯 一個時代的終結 是正確的. 而這個終結的年代是指 背理雅 (Tony Blair) 時代.


    是指那些反戰示威者向他他說的嘲弄和奚落的說話 jeers of anti-war protester (不是那些人)


    chancellor 解大臣之外, 也可作首相.

    EX-是prefix, 是前的意思. 所以 Ex-chancellor 是前首相, 前xx大臣, 前度男友,... 如此類推.

    Gordon Brown?

    在第一段已出現過, 即前首相的副手白高敦.

    take the REINS?

    此字在此譯作管治/統治較合理. take the reins 就是:


    BRIGHTEST hope?

    hope 是希望; bright 是光明, brightest 直譯是最光明的.

    brightest hope 就是指最大的希望.

    2007-07-03 22:40:05 補充:

    ◎重要補充◎: Chancellor of the Exchequer 是英國的財政大臣, 所以 在此句 Exchancellor 應是這官職的簡稱才正確!

    2007-07-03 22:40:23 補充:

    ◎重要補充◎: Chancellor of the Exchequer 是英國的財政大臣, 所以 在此句 Exchancellor 應是這官職的簡稱才正確!

    2007-07-03 22:41:41 補充: of the Exchequer

    2007-07-04 12:48:51 補充:

    @@@ 最後修改 @@@ sorry again! 今次真是胡塗, 竟被 Chancellor of the Exchequer 這個 title 愚弄了兩次!! 現作最後修改: (1) chancellor of the exchequer 是財政大臣, (2) chancellor 單一字是財政大臣的簡稱, (3) exchancellor 是指前財政大臣, (4) 問題中的 chancellor of the exchancellor, 是你打錯了最後一個字呢! 是 chancellor of the exCHEQUER 才對 :)

    2007-07-04 12:52:02 補充:

    chancellor of the exCHEQUER (財政大臣) Gordon Brown (白高敦) will take the reins in just over one hour (將於一小時內接手作首相管治英國).

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