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什麼是Bonus Issue & Right issue??

請問有無人幫我用中文解釋給我知什麼是Bonu issue & Right issue,在會計上怎用?Drebit什麼,Cr 什麼呀???它們的性質是什麼呀??我真的不明白呀.....

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    1 十年前

    In a rights issue (供股),every existing shareholder has the "rights" to subscribe new shares in a company at the rights issue price on a pro rata basis. That is why we call it a "rights" issue. Depends on the size, it may be 1 for 2 held (二供一) or 2 for 3 held (三供二) or any other ratio determined by the company. The rationale behind is to avoid dilution of shareholdings and the existing shareholdersthe should have the pre-emptive rights . In all cases, the shareholder can choose to subscribe; partially subscribe or not to subscribe the new shares. Sometimes, the "rights" to subscribe are tradeable in the market and sometimes not, depends on the issuer (i.e. the listed company). If a shareholder chooses not to subscribe, his/her shareholding will be diluted.

    一般來說,right issue,給個權利你,可以用低價(平過市價)買那種股票


    如果會計點做,給個right issue人

    dr bank (因為有錢收)

    dr retained profit/ profit & loss account (因為以低過市價買),公司會蝕咗錢)

    cr share(因為少咗ordinary / preference shares)

    In a bonus issue, existing shareholders will receive bonus shares, i.e. they do not have to pay money for the shares. Shares are given as a bonus. It resembles to a dividend payout except that in a bonus issue, the company pays shares, not cash. They also have a ratio like 1 for 10 (十送一紅股) or 1 for 5 (五送一紅股) and of course could be any other ratio decided by the board of the company.

    Obviously, shareholders should welcome a bonus issue because they don't have to pay for the bonus shares. On the other hand, sharedholders sometimes dislike rights issue because it usually means the shareholders have to slash out more money for a stock that they have already been holding.



    dr retained profit / profit & loss account (因為公司送股給人,會蝕咗錢)

    cr ordinance shares/ preference share


    right issue,想股東持有更多佢公司股票,其次,令有錢那d有更多%的shares,因為細股東未必有錢去買股票


    bonus issue,公司想弄細d 個股價,因為多股ge 話,個價會降,從而令細股東都買到股票


    但係一手係五萬,冇錢ge 人可能都夠錢買

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    1 十年前

    Bonu issue(紅股) Right issue(認股權)

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