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What can I do when I feel very sad?

My sad: Yesterday, my sister's class teacher told that she is the best conduct, she'll have a a cup (as a prize), but I haven't. My Mum always says she is a good girl. I know, my sister's class teacher is 'love' her. I cried about it many times(I cried on my bed but no one knows it). What can I do?


Hope you can help me, thanks!

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  • 1 十年前

    I would like to share with you my way to relieve my sadness as I will go to the roof of the building and screen loudly, of course you cannot disturb the neigbours.

    May I have a recommendation to you as it is not a pressure for you to have a sister like that, it must be your motivation to push you doing much better than her instead. One day, by your effort, your teacher and your family will also give you praise like they did now for your sister. Don't ever give it up and you don't have to cry, study hard and tell them that you can do it as well.

    My brother was a student that never got a second in the school and he was so upset even he cannot get 100 in teh test, but I were always marginally passed in the public examination. So what, If you don't ever give up and DON"T ever compare with your sister only, your standard must be much higher and you have to win the others in HONG KONG. Evetually I was completed my University even it was a much longer road for me to go, at least I can make it. You can also do that one day.

    Stop crying as it is wasting your time, wake up and plan your own way to go!!!

    Good Luck!

  • 1 十年前

    Don't cry. I know you are unhappy, but always remember, your conduct does not determine by a prize or someone's words. But think again, whether you need to work on to improve any of your conduct.

    Add oil ^_^